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My name is Amanda Reyes and I am a dental hygienist (and now children's book author) that has specialized in dentistry for children and special needs individuals since the year 2000.  I am sincerely committed to making every child’s visit to the dentist as positive and fun as possible, which is what inspired me to write "Anthony's Toothy Teamwork Tale." I hope that this book helps your child be more comfortable with not only their first dental visit but also that it gives them the foundation and life-long commitment to dental health.  When not in the dental office, I love spending time with my husband, Jorge and my son, Anthony doing a variety of things such as cooking and barbequing, hiking, bike riding, swimming, and relaxing poolside with a good book or listening to country music.  I am also an avid animal lover and enjoy taking care of our three dogs, Paisley, Remi and Nala and our crazy cat, Mr. Meowgi.

Anthony's Toothy Teamwork Tale

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